Recently I’ve taking a liking to spey casting and have been playing around with a couple of different rod and line and set-ups. I’ll readily admit I’m a complete novice and have a ton to learn, but am eager and practicing quite a bit.

If you’ve never heard of spey casting, put simply it’s usually done with a two handed rod and consists of a type of roll cast with some line adjusting before the cast. Of course, spey casts can be made with single-handed rods, too. This video from RA Beattie features some gorgeous casting and explanation of how and why people fish this way from Todd Scharf of Upstream Adventures.

Unfortunately, I’m still at a point where I get pretty confused when spey casting. Most of the time I end up with a pile of line wrapped around my legs.

It’s not stopping me, though. I have ulterior motives other than the traditional swinging of flies for steelhead or salmon. Seeing as I’m from Colorado and we have no anadromous fish to feed I want learn the technique for swinging streamers from bank to bank covering as much water as I can. It’s also quite helpful with small rods on tiny creeks with overgrown vegetation. I’m curious if anybody out there swings a spey rod or utilizes spey techniques on their own water for fish other than salmon and steelhead and why.