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Fishing Gear photo


Yeah, I’m ripping off Deeter’s little idea here with my own fly fishing stuff that works – but I use many things on the water that Deeter doesn’t and vice versa.

Over the years I’ve tried many different backpack and dry bag combinations for carrying a minimum of clothing and gear while fishing. I’m just one of those guys that likes to carry a backpack. Many times I’m venturing far from the car or into the wilderness where having a jacket, some food and a first aid kit doesn’t hurt. But what I use to lug these items has to be small, light, and waterproof.

When I first received the Aquapac waterproof backpack I must say I was pretty hesitant. It just didn’t seem like it would work that well and I let it sit in the corner gathering dust for about a month. It just seemed a little, chintzy. Boy, was I wrong. This is one of the best designed waterproof “day packs” I have ever used.

Most backpacks I’ve used are over-designed with with all sorts of straps, tie-downs, buckles, etc…, which can really get in the way for fly casting. Not the Aquapac. It’s got very streamlined straps. Consisting of a simple chest buckle and waist harness, which can be removed very easily too.

The mesh side bags are deep and long enough for rod tubes and water bottles and the top closure is designed with a rigid seal that blocks moisture with just three rolls down. There’s a very slim back support that can be taken out, too, providing a seat for a rocky picnic or to simply lighten the pack for travel.

But it’s the interior that is thought out so well. There’s the main compartment, and two other ultra light, taped seam internal pockets. One yellow (for in bag visibility) that separates items – in case some become wet. The other is a smaller clear pouch that let’s you see what you’re looking for – i.e. keys, wallet, etc…

While this bag repels rain, splashes, and the occasional quick dunking I would not recommend as a serious dry bag for expensive electronics if full submersion is a concern. If you looking for a fairly inexpensive ($85.00), super light, very well designed waterproof backpack for day-long fishing trips, this should be at the top of your list.

Check out the Aquapac website for more details and ideas on how to use this pack.