When it comes to your favorite fly fishing brands– rods, reels, lines, flies, and so forth– are you in the majority, or do you buck the trend?

According to results of the Southwick Associates “Anglers Survey” released yesterday, here’s how the major fly brands stacked up:

Top fly rod brand… Sage, with 16.7% of all purchases.
Top fly reel brand… Orvis, at 11.1% of purchases
Top fly “combo”… St. Croix at 18%
Top fly line… Scientific Anglers at 28.8%
Top fly brand (meaning the bugs themselves)… Orvis and Cabela’s tied at 11% each
Top fly leader brand… Rio at 28.4%
Top fly tying material brand… White River at 60.5% (and that’s crushing it…)

Does that all make sense to you? And, what categories are missing?

Top wader manufacturer…
Top wading boots maker (and that might not be the same as wader maker)…
Top polarized glasses maker…

I’m very interested in what you have to say.