From the story on KHON2 television:

_It’s a ride Jim Rawlinson will never forget. Rawlinson, 68, was catching waves at the point in Hanalei Bay, Kauai Monday at about 4 p.m. when as quick as greased lightning his peaceful afternoon turned into every surfer’s nightmare. “All of a sudden I felt this strike on the back of my board and it lifted me kind of up in the air,” he said. Rawlinson’s surfboard had just been attacked by a large tiger shark. As he slid backwards what happened next is as frightening as it is unimaginable. Rawlinson ended up on the back of the ocean’s most feared predator.

_ “I was onto the shark’s back…anywhere from about five to ten seconds. It was so strange that everything was so slow and yet again so fast.” Rawlinson credits his escape from the large, toothy fish on his ability to stay calm. As he straddled the fish, he released his surf leash from around his leg and slowly slid off. “About that time my board was free floating around so I swam over and got it and surfed for another 45 minutes or so.”

So what’s more amazing: the fact that this dude is surfing at 68, the fact he had the steely nerve to ride a 14-foot tiger shark to safety, or the fact he had the brass clankers to keep surfing after it happened?