So I’ve combed over every entry in my “Win a Date With a Cover Model” contest. To recap, all I asked you to do was tell me why you’d rather go fishing with our March cover model (a Sebile Magic Swimmer) instead of Maxim‘s cover model (actress Alice Eve). Some of your reasons were side-splitting, to say the least.


Unfortunately, some of the funniest teetered on inappropriate (not that I don’t like off-color humor) but lets just say dirty don’t win it. In the end, I’m awarding the Magic Swimmer that served as Field & Stream‘s cover model to rynodaug, who wrote: “I’d take the Sebile. A blind cast usually goes better than a blind date.”

Congrats, rynodaug, you are now the proud owner of this F&S treasure. Send your address to and I’ll set you up.

This was not an easy decision. Some of my other favorites are listed below.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d have an awfully hard time casting Alice more than just a foot or two.” – Thejimmer

“Your cover model will let me tie it up with a good knot with no complaints” – Walt Smith

“I think I have a better chance getting lucky with the Sebile then I do with Alice Eve.” – ePIC

“The Sebile will look the same, and have the same presentation 30 years from now!” – abbner

Thanks for playing everyone, and stay tuned for more F&S artifact giveaways. – JC