My sincere apologies for the lack of blogs last week. I was camped out in Louisiana at an establishment with no Internet connection (more on this trip later). On one hand it’s nice to be disconnected…on the other it’s sad that I go through email withdraw. Anyway, I returned to find my inbox heaped with links to goings on in the fishing world. The most intriguing was the video below. It appears that this angler’s salmon is scarfed up by a giant polar bear that attacks from underwater. But I smell a rat (or a sea lion).

If you look closely, clearly this is no bear, but it’s one mother of a sea lion that would have scared me just as badly as bear. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m am an utter wimp when it comes to fishing any place where a bear might lurk.

That fear was fully realized during my first trip to Alaska. If you’ve ever visited some of the more popular rivers up there, you’ve seen signs advising you to fight fish quickly and minimize splashing. If a bear approaches, cut the line immediately. I’ve been warned by anglers that they’ve just seen a bear up or down stream, but as of yet, I have not encountered one of these beasts on a river.

I actually wouldn’t mind fishing with them from a distance, but I’m curious as to whether you’ve ever had a bear go after your fish. Any good stories of Yogi trying to swipe a salmon right off the end of your line? – JC