From the story in the New York Times:

_”Many streams and rivers in the United States are getting warmer, with the greatest increases in urbanized areas, according to research to be published in an upcoming edition of the journal Frontiers of the Ecology and the Environment . Twenty major streams and rivers, including the Colorado, Potomac, Delaware and Hudson Rivers, are warming at statistically significant rates, the study found.”

“…The researchers compiled all the historical data they could find, which in some cases included 50 to 90 years of water measurements. The vast majority of data was from the last 10 years. They found that the annual mean water temperature increase is between 0.02 to 0.14 degrees per year. The river with the most rapid rate of increase was the Delaware near Chester, Pa., a densely populated area near Philadelphia. Such increases could decrease aquatic biodiversity and trigger the growth of invasive species like algae. They could also impact water toxicity levels. Although previous studies have looked at warming freshwater in countries like France and Switzerland, this is the first major analysis of streams and rivers in the United States._

If true, does this mean bass is the new trout? Your thoughts?