You folks carry some weird things around when you go fly fishing. Which is why I like you. You made the contents of my old vest seem almost normal.

I must admit that I was impressed by the sentimental good luck charms. For example, I have seen Nebadger’s tape measure from his grandfather and the Weber Beer Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A classic. I’m also glad to have been of public service… getting you to dig through your vests yielded everything from lost keys to a stash of cash. Nice. Those of you carrying condoms in your fishing vest… I’m thinking I’d better leave that topic alone entirely.

In the end, however, the winner was obvious. Anyone willing to tote a biohazard for “good luck” deserves a prize. And hey, why not a glow-in-the-dark fly line? Seems to be an oddly-appropriate match.

So here’s to you “fishallday” who carries a can of old Miracle Whip for luck, and keeps it packed inside an old sock to control the stench. That’s dedication. That’s insight. That’s one extremely weird superstition, that I am frankly surprised you were willing to admit in front of thousands of people at

Good on ‘ya. Hit me with an address at, and we’ll you hooked up with your prize.