If you were following the blog last week, you know I spent a couple days on Weiss Lake in Centre, Alabama, which happens to be the “Crappie Capital of the World.” While the fishing was good, I can honestly say it was the company that made this trip so special. I had the chance to share a boat with Sam Heaton, who is a legend in the crappie world. Sam is an ex-tournament angler, he pioneered many crappie trolling techniques, and he even has his own line of rods with B ‘n’ M. Sam’s credentials are one thing…his personality is another.

It was actually hard to keep a straight face while filming a lot of this, because the banter, bickering, and ribbing between Sam and his long-time friend Jack Jones (who is a legend on Weiss Lake in his own right) was near-constant.

I’ve fished with many guides that treat you like a client, and that’s as far as it goes. But every once in a while you get one that really explains the area fishing culture, and in a way adopts you as an honorary “local” for a few days. That’s what I experienced with Sam and Jack, and it’s something I won’t soon forget. Enjoy. — JC