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Maybe I have a “magnetic” personality… but I tend to gravitate toward magnet-based fly fishing products. I love magnetic fly boxes. I have a magnetic rod transporter for my truck. I use a magnetic net holder. I even use a magnetic fly patch.

But my very favorite magnetic gizmo is this little Rod Guard by Tight Line Enterprises of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When you rig your rod at the start of a fishing day, simply lean it up against your vehicle, lock it in place with the rod guard, and it stays perfectly still as you go about your business. A 30-mph wind gust? Not a problem. Stepping on and breaking the tip of a rod that blew over? Never an issue. When I’m not using my rod guards to secure rods, they become convenient holders for my hemostats.

They cost $8.50, and considering the rod replacements or repairs you can avoid, let alone the convenience factor you enjoy when you rig up, I’d say that’s one of the best deals going. These make fantastic, inexpensive gifts for fishing buddies… or for yourself.