If you are an angler and pay a little bit of attention to the news, you must have the Asian carp issue somewhere on your radar. This invasive species is on the verge of busting through the Chicago canal and running rampant in the Great Lakes. This would be a very, very bad thing. There is no shortage of support groups rallying to close the canal locks, cutting off carp access to Lake Michigan. But Tony Hansen of Michigan Out-Of-Doors Magazine is taking a different approach to raise awareness about the impact the carp would have on Great Lakes anglers. To educate the masses on the abundant fishery in the lakes, he and a partner will fish 30 hours straight in an attempt to catch 30 different species of fish.

Here’s what Hansen had to say in an email I received this morning:

_”There has been plenty of talk about stopping the fish, but very little actual action. The talk always surrounds the economic impacts of damage to our fisheries. And that’s a very valid point. But what about the damage to our angling heritage and the lifestyle so many of us love? If I can’t be an angler, then what can I be?”

“We want to display the diversity of our fishery and celebrate what it means to be an angler. We are doing this as a fundraiser — though the money is really secondary. Our goal is to get people talking about the event and put pressure on decision-makers to close the locks.”_

Thirty straight hours of fishing? Hell, I’m in. I hope that this quest opens the right eyes, because allowing Asian carp to enter the Great Lakes would be no less devastating for anglers than the oil spill currently hurting the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Hansen, I wish you well.

For more info on this event, and to watch a live fish count as it unfolds, visit – JC