Is the bonefish the perfect fish species to be chased with a fly rod? I think so. Granted, I’m biased, working from a vantage point at Andros South in the Bahamas.

But really, truly, I cannot think of a species more “custom made” for fly fishing. They demand casts that test the limits, both in distance and accuracy. When they take, they test your reel to the max. In terms of the gear itself, there is no better match. Period.


I know, it all started with trout and salmon. And there is no shortage of things you can catch on fly rods. Carp, for example, are often equated to bonefish… but after you catch a few bonefish, you realize that’s a fantasy… a ploy to sell more rods and reels, and to give all of us something to think about when we’re fishing in a stinky, muddy river, wishing we were on the flats. The bonefish-carp comparison is like driving an Indy car around the Brickyard, and then doing a lap in a VW Mini Bus. Same track… different wheels.

Granted, bonefish aren’t out everyone’s back door. But if you were going to do one trip, for one species, bonefish should be it. You’ll see exactly what I mean.