Bass Fishing photo

From the Forest Lake (Minnesota) Press:

_A woman was struck in the head with a ball when a group of golfers fired tee-shots at a couple fishing in a lake adjacent to Forest Hills Golf Course May 16. Police Chief Clark Quiring said the Forest Lake woman, 49, suffered a serious head injury and was transported by ambulance to Regions Hospital following the 7 p.m. incident. The suspects remain at large. “She took some stitches in the back of her head. Her husband said she was resting comfortably now but she had a goose-egg the size of New Hampshire,” said Quiring May 19.

__Police are looking for four males in their late teens or early 20s. The men were apparently golfing on the private course when their attention turned to a couple fishing in a canoe on Shields Lake. Quiring said the shots came from the 15th tee box. “The lake is adjacent to the hole but according to the couple they were much further out in the lake and (the suspects) had to turn and hit the balls at them,” he said. The woman’s husband reported hearing one ball land in the water near their canoe. He said a second ball struck his wife in the head. Quiring said the four suspects, all wearing white hats, fled the scene in a golf cart._

So what would be an appropriate punishment for these cretins? Stake them out on the driving range and then start giving out free buckets of balls? Discuss…