When I landed late last week from a trip to the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana, I was on cloud nine. The redfishing was off the charts and I was beyond pleased with the “Hook Shots” episode I had in the can. It was on my second day of filming that the oil rig exploded in the Gulf, but at the time, no one knew just how bad the situation would become. Watching this episode now and knowing that every single piece of water in the video is already covered or close to covered with crude oil is heartbreaking. I hope this “Hook Shots” does not become a record of what fishing used to be like in the Delta.

Tim Romano and Bob Marshall already posted about the crisis occuring in the Gulf. Having just been there, the thought of this area being damaged beyond repair is hard to swallow. Everywhere I travel, I can honestly say that meeting new people is in no small way more gratifying than catching fish. During my trip, I met guides, lodge owners, chefs, and bait shop owners that may all have their livelihood taken away by this oil spill. They are hard-working people that could talk for hours about how much they love the Delta and how much those waters (which were already damaged by Hurricane Katrina) mean to them.

Given the situation, I am glad I got to fish the Delta before all hell broke loose, but the thought of not being able to go back and do it all again is too much to grip. So, enjoy the show, but say a prayer that this catastrophe will not forever ruin such a wonderful place, and that you will be able to visit and experience fishing beyond compare in due time. – Joe Cermele