Thanks to all of you that participated in the latest Retro Caption Contest. I’ll do some more of these down the road for sure. This photo lent itself to a wide variety of caption directions. There could only be one winner, but some of my favorites included:


soooo….do you guys validate parking? – jamesti

Fishing, the second most-fun activity you can share with your sweetie in the new Corvair Greenbriar! – Proverbs

The Fill-A-Team – YooperRyan

Hell…..on wheels. – Koldcut
Someone didn’t take Matt Foley’s advice because if they did “They wouldn’t be… LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!” -_ Killianz3300 (If you don’t get this one, click here and enjoy)

I was only joking at the drive thru when I said it would be quicker if we caught it ourselves. – Chuckdamage

But in the end, I had to give it to Buckhunter, poster number 3, who cleverly wrote:

Dear Mom and Dad, I know the fishing was a little slow that day but giving me a photo of the day I was conceived is a little creepy. Your Loving Son.

Buckhunter, keep an eye on the mailbox…three spools of Vicious fishing line are en route. – JC