Wikipedia describes runoff as, “water flow that occurs when soil is infiltrated to full capacity and excess water from rain, snowmelt, or other sources flows over the land.” I’d like to amend that entry as “water flow that infiltrates my rivers to capacity with excess water from rain/snowmelt and disrupts the excitement of early season fishing with flotsam and jetsam severely limiting the numbers of aquatic vertebrates brought to hand.”

Look at that water in the photo above. It’s dirtier than the storm drain at the end of my street after a hard rain. That’s my buddy casting dry flies a couple years ago this very month. Yeah, I said dry flies, and he was catching fish. He’s that good. I’m usually not. When runoff hits in our part of the world I resort our local bass and carp ponds or stick almost exclusively to streamers with sinking lines on the rivers. I know Deeter has his fall back ideas for dirty water, but I want to know some of yours. Specifically for trout rivers.

I’m contemplating heading out this weekend on my boat and would love to fish. I know for certain though that the water will look much like the image above. If anyone has any new ideas for me, I’m all ears. What works best for you in runoff conditions?