Where does your old fishing tackle end up? Corner of the garage? The garbage? This old fishing gear gets turned into energy…

From the story on WBZT in Boston:

_At Pigeon Cove in Rockport, the fishermen are now turning old fishing gear into a source of clean energy thanks to a partnership with NOAA, the National Fish and Wildlife, Covanta Energy, and Schnitzer Steel. It is a recycle program that will be free for Rockport fishermen. According to NOAA, discarded or lost fishing gear is one of the major types of debris negatively impacting ocean life. Mammals can get tangled in old gear and injure themselves while trying to escape. Plus fishermen oftentimes get their lines tangled in the mangled debris on the ocean floor.

__When the gear finally becomes unusable, it is now being stripped of its metals for recycling, and the remaining parts are shipped to Covanta Energy in Haverhill, where the nets, line, wood and rope are chopped into small pieces. The debris is placed in a high combustion chamber which produces steam; the steam drives a generator which produces electricity. The electricity helps to power up to 40,000 homes in the community. Since 2008, Covanta Energy has collected nearly a half million pounds in old fishing gear nation wide. Covanta spokesman James Regan said, “The fish-for-energy program is a great example of how government, fishermen, private industry, and environmental groups are working together to help clean the ocean.”_