Ever tried to free snagged braid by hand without wearing a glove? If you have, there is a strong possibility that was the first and last time. Braid has major benefits on the water, which we all know, but the stuff can be downright nasty if you’re not careful. If you’ve never gotten a braid cut, multiply a paper cut by five or so. Now, if you can imagine that, think of what it must feel like to get clotheslined in the face with braid while flying down a trail on your mountain bike. It happened to Sandy Jacobson (below) last week in Canada, and it ain’t pretty.


I found this story on the websites of CNews Canada and CBC News, and it goes something like this: A couple of idiot kids fishing a local park in Edmonton thought it would be a fine idea to stake their rods on the far side of the bike trail while waiting for a bite. Yeah, that’s right, the lines were running across the trail. Along comes Jacobson at about 12mph and the photo shows you what happens.

From the story on CBC News:

The line hit Jacobson on the bridge of her nose, got caught in her teeth, then sliced into the side of her neck as she turned her head.

“EMT [Emergency Medical Technician] said had it caught me right in the neck, like come down six inches [15 centimetres] lower, it could have been a different story, right?” she said.

Jacobson was flipped backward and thrown to the ground, while her shoes were still clipped into the pedals of her mountain bike.

So what’s the kicker? The kid who owned the rod blamed Jacobson for the incident, claiming she didn’t belong on the trail (designated for bikes, by the way) and that she shouldn’t have been going so fast. But in the end, the 21-year-old angler is being slapped with criminal negligence causing bodily harm. As it should be, I say. – JC