Back in April, I took a trip to Lake Weiss in Alabama and put up a blog quizzing you on where I was headed based on a few clues and photos from the road. During that trip I kinda got lost and ended up in a Georgia tackle shop. Well, I’m on the road again, this time in the Midwest plains, and I didn’t get lost. I took a detour specifically to find the building in the photo below.


So let’s see who can figure out where I’m headed first. I’m on a mission to catch walleye, and the destination lake supposedly holds the next state record. The lake is about 60 miles east of this building. The three-story, small-town brick establishment was once the original home of what is now a very widely-known purveyor of hunting and fishing gear.

That’s all I’m giving you, and it’s plenty. Tell me what company started in this building, and if you can figure that out, you should have no trouble telling me which lake I’ll be fishing. First poster to correctly answer will get a three-lure assortment when I get back to the office next week. I don’t know exactly what I’ll send right now, but trust me, I have a drawer of goodies. – JC