If you checked out the fishing road trip quiz I posted, you may have figured out I’m at Lake McConaughy–better known as “Big Mac” –in Ogallala, Nebraska. I’ve said before the fish are only part of what’s enjoyable about traveling. It’s all about new experiences. As an example, I can’t say I’d ever written a blog while the weatherman on TV was telling me there was a reasonable chance a twister may wake me up during the night. But I guess that’s plains living, and if there’s one thing the Midwest has, it’s wind. Plains wind and I are now bitter enemies.


Pictured above is my good friend Gabriel who agreed to come along on this adventure. And that’s one of three walleyes we struggled to hook in 30mph east winds yesterday. I’ve been to AC/DC concerts that didn’t rock me that hard. Seeing that I fish the salt a lot, I’m used to rough conditions, so it didn’t bother me too much. But have you ever heard the old saying “wind from the east, fish bite least, wind from the west, fish bite best?” I am now convinced that it’s 100% true no matter where you are in the world.

Now we were marking plenty of fish–they just weren’t chewing. Our guide swore if it were ripping 30mph from the west, they’d have bit. But he couldn’t really explain why. It just seems to be one of those fishing theories that holds true more often than not. I’ve been on mountain trout streams during an east wind and gotten nothing where I had the day before. I’ve watched usually ravenous bluefish milling around, ignoring every lure in an east wind. Maybe my east wind experiences have been coincidence, but I doubt it. If you agree with the adage, tell me your theory on why the east bites. If you think I’m crazy and you love an east wind, let’s hear why. – JC