Fly Fishing photo

Ever wanted to learn to fly fish, but assumed it was just too complicated… and thought you didn’t have the time or money to climb the learning curve?

Well you are fresh out of excuses. Orvis and Trout Unlimited have combined for a nationwide effort to recruit new fly fishers. Every Saturday in July, between 9 a.m. and noon, all you have to do is show up at an Orvis store, and you can take classes that teach you how to cast… how to rig your gear… everything you need to get started. I’m pretty sure they’ll even give you some leads on the best fishing spots in your area. To find a location near you, go to

You don’t need to buy anything. But if you do, they’ll give you a break.

If you go and complete the classes, you’ll get a $15 savings card from Orvis, and a certificate for free membership in Trout Unlimited, worth $35 in total.

Now, some of you might be asking, “why do we want more fly anglers? Doesn’t that squeeze my space on the river?” The answer is an emphatic “no.” New fly fishers make our collective conservation voice louder and stronger, which leads to all of us having more space on more rivers.

“Fly fishers are a significant part of Trout Unlimited’s membership because of our mission to protect, conserve and restore coldwater fisheries and their watersheds in North America. Our volunteers are excited to help newcomers learn and enjoy the sport of fly fishing,” said Christopher Anderson, Trout Unlimited.

In a nutshell, this is a brilliant program (one I wish more fly companies had the vision and resolve to emulate) and I hope you or someone you know takes part.