Lost Digital Camera Records Angry Sea Turtle

From this story on Miami New Times:_
Amid the depressing BP disaster, here’s a happy story about something dumped into the ocean and washing up on Florida’s shores. Seven months ago, Dick de Bruin, a Royal Dutch Navy sergeant stationed in the Dutch territory of Aruba, was salvaging an anchor from an American World War II ship that was to be used in a monument. De Bruin’s bright-red Nikon camera, protected in a waterproof case, floated away. According to the Telegraph and the AP, six months later, Paul Shultz saw what he thought was a rotten tomato floating near rocks in a Key West marina._ _After a closer look, he realized, underneath a bunch of sea muck that had collected on the case, it was actually a digital camera. Amazingly, the case had protected it and Shultz was able to view the contents of the camera. The only problem was finding out to whom it belonged.

Shultz posted pictures on a scuba diver message board, and they were identified as being taken in Aruba. He then posted on local message boards, and one woman recognized a child in a photo, de Bruin’s son, as being a classmate of her son. The camera was then returned to de Bruin.

However, on its way from Aruba to Key West, the camera encountered an angry sea turtle. A carrying leash connected to the camera got caught on one of its fins. It apparently tried to take a bite out of it but instead hit the record button and captured a five-minute video. The video, believed to be taken two months after the camera went missing, has been uploaded to YouTube._

An interesting story, and it got me to thinking: with waterproof digital cameras getting smaller and smaller, why couldn’t you do the same thing on purpose while fishing? Forget all those expensive electronics, just tie on your waterproof digital camera, hit “record” and cast it out there. If it was small enough you could even dress it up in a skirt and try to grab some extreme close-up strikes. Of course, that’d be an expensive “lure” to lose…