Remember the running joke on The Simpsons about the radioactive fish in Springfield Lake? Well guess what?

From the story on the Post-Chronicle:
Radioactive fish found upstream from the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has prompted renewed calls from lawmakers for renewed testing. Some are calling for the aging plant to be closed, saying, “It’s a big mess.” See the video news report below. In fact, while radioactive fish may not be welcome in your kitchen, they have reportedly become commonplace in and around the waters near nuclear plants worldwide, say studies, with trace amounts of Strontium-90 ingested by humans daily._

Strontium-90 is a radioactive form of strontium, a soft, silvery metallic element found in rocks, soil, dust, coal and oil. It is formed in nuclear reactors or during the explosion of nuclear weapons, and is found almost everywhere in small amounts, due to past nuclear accidents and fallout from nuclear explosions.

Doh! Your reaction?