I’m in Las Vegas at the annual ICAST trade show where all the new fishing toys set to go on sale in 2011 make their first appearances. This year, there are a lot of technologically-advanced lures floating around. There are solar-powered frogs and vibrating squid you turn on with a wireless remote. Then you have Reaction Strike’s “Home Wreckers” pictured below in their…tantalizing new patterns. They don’t have lights or computer chips in them. So I ask you, in the over all scheme of things, which do you think will sell more? The the giant topwaters with the “bunny” finishes, or the lures with the ten-page instruction books?


It never fails to amaze me what fellow anglers dream up, and to be honest, in a way, I enjoy talking to the little companies more than the big boys. Both are putting out some killer tackle this coming year, but there is a different kind of passion in the voice of the small-time tackle maker. He’s incredibly proud to be on this show floor. Of course, you see some things that just don’t make sense. You just think, mmm hmmm…that’ll catch on.

So click here or on the photo to head over to the massive gallery I’ve put together with everything from rods to reels, lures to terminal tackle, accessories and more. This is the stuff I’ve personally found most innovative, unique and just plain cool. Let me know what you think of some of the wonders that just may end up in your tackle box over the next few months. – JC