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I use two flies at a time in 90 percent of trout fishing situations. On a base level, one might think “double the flies, double the odds,” and to a degree, that may be so. But I’ve learned that with some strategic thought poured into how you mix and match your fly combinations, you can dramatically improve your results.

For example, it’s often a good idea to cover various insect stages. Fish a dun (adult) pattern with an emerger. That way you show the fish the appetizer and the main entree in one drift.

Sometimes the combo is designed to help the angler, more than it is intended to trick the fish. I often use a big dry fly with a tiny dry fly. The fish eats the bug I usually cannot see, but I know to set the hook when I see the rise form near the fly I can track.

The best trick of all is to use an attractor fly–on the surface or on a nymph rig. I see it over and over when I put on a mask and dive with trout. The fish turns on the gaudy fly, and then eats the more subtle pattern. The video below goes into more detail on how to mix and match “dance partners” for more effective trout fishing. Enjoy.

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