According to the just-released results of a June 2010 poll, most of you still get your fishing information and entertainment from magazines… like Field & Stream. According to the survey, 33 percent of anglers ranked magazines as the top source, with websites trailing not far behind at 25 percent. E-mail was cited as a principal source of information by more than 5 percent of anglers, and state wildlife agency websites were the most important media source for 3 percent of anglers.

Other sources of information used by a small percentage of anglers included books, newsletters, newspapers, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and radio. However, more than 5 percent of anglers indicated they used all available media sources for learning and entertainment.

“With hunters and anglers using such a wide range of media sources for learning and entertainment, agencies, organizations and businesses should consider adding new media to their traditional outreach platforms to ensure their messages are getting out there. Hunters and anglers do not rely on just one source. Multiple information sources work together to help shape their interests and opinions.” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates.

Several weeks ago, I actually had the pleasure of fly fishing with Rob Southwick, and we talked a lot about these trends (as we hooked many trout on the river).

In some ways, I’m not sure how to categorize myself… you’re reading this online… am I a blogger, or a magazine writer who dabbles online, or both? Do I entertain you, inform you, or both (don’t say “neither” or I’ll unleash my wrath via the almighty negative rating on your comment in the thread, several times, using several pseudonyms). My challenge, more and more, seems to be choosing the right “bucket” to drop different types of writing into. No doubt, if you want to find out what’s hatching on the Roaring Fork River, the Internet is the way to go… but there’s also something to be said for reading long-form stories in the comfort of a lounge chair.

I’m very interested to hear your feedback on this, and on that note, I also encourage all of you to regularly visit to answer questions. Doing so enters you in a monthly drawing for one of five $100 gift certificates to a sporting goods retailer of your choice… and it also helps guys like me know where you stand in a very rapidly evolving media and fishing world.