Today, we’re sharing our first recipe courtesy of the guys from Gauge Wines. If you don’t have striped bass in your waters (or freezer), try this recipe with something like crappie, perch, or largemouth bass. Look forward to more recipes and wine tips from Bjorn, John, and Trent soon.

If you have ever had a miso-marinated piece of black cod in a Japanese restaurant, you realize right away that they’re onto something. Miso is fermented soybean paste, and although that doesn’t sound appealing, it does wonderful things to fish in marinade. Melt-in-your-mouth doesn’t do it justice. I tend to cook with what’s on hand–often I substitute white wine for sake, or mirin, because I always have white wine. There are also many different kinds of miso paste, it doesn’t really matter what you use, but I prefer the darker ones. You have to combine these ingredients and add heat to get the sugar to dissolve into the liquid. Allow to cool before using. –Bjorn Larson

• Striped bass fillets (how lucky were you on the water?)
• Two cups sake or White wine (no oak please)
• 1/2 cup miso paste
• 1 cup brown sugar
• 1/2 cup soy
• 1/2 cup scallion tops sliced thin

Marinate your fillets for a few hours and grill. This is not a hot-grill item–you want to cook on a medium-hot grill that allows the sugar in the marinade to caramelize on the fish, not burn. You can also use the remaining marinade as a drizzle if you simmer it on the stove a bit.

I would probably go with a medium-bodied pinot as a companion for this dish, or a Riesling with just a bit of residual sugar.