A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days…

My buddy Charlie and I decided we’d embark on a 14-mile fish/float with no shuttle. Nothing went right. Highlights include losing every big fish we hooked, almost getting trampled by a moose in our raft, hitchhiking for an hour and a half, getting picked up by the sheriff, being absolutely mauled by mosquitoes, losing spare key #2, and the kicker – locking ourselves out of the car at 9pm.

I learned a couple of things that day. One, get a hide-a-key. Two, hitchhiking on a busy highway is no fun. Three, don’t ever break the smallest window in your car to get in (it’s the most expensive to fix and the toughest to break).

I truly hope you enjoy this video at my expense. I am also curious what tricks everyone else employs to make sure that you’re never locked out of your car while fishing or floating?