Romano: Former Fly Guide Robs 10 Fly Shops

"In January, 2010, 33-year-old Benjamin Michael Whalen, believed to be a former flyfishing guide, allegedly knocked off a string of specialty flyshops in Colorado. He is charged with multiple misdemeanors and felonies for crimes committed across a number of Colorado County jurisdictions. Whalen's modus operandi was to enter a shop and discuss a gift for his father and the purchase of high-end rods and reels."

"Once the shop employee was distracted, the suspect would leave the store quickly with the items. The crime spree lasted half a month. At the time, Internet blogs, message boards, and fishing forums lit up. A virtual posse was deputized and dispatched to track the culprit down. There was significant speculation as to who could/would target such small niche businesses--and get away with it for so long. In general, there was outrage. Whalen is currently behind bars in Arapahoe County Jail, awaiting trial and facing up to 8+ years in prison."

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