Two weeks ago I floated the Gunnison Gorge here in Colorado with a good group of friends. We hit the very tail end of the Salmon Fly hatch. It’s a trip all anglers should have on their life list…

Now I know some of you will complain about the lack of fish photos in this slide show. In fact, there’s only one. It’s a good one though. Not the photograph itself necessarily, but the memory that’s attached to it. It was my wife Ellie’s biggest trout of her life. Caught in one of the most spectacular rivers on this continent, on a massive dry fly – ten minutes into the trip.

That is what a fishing trip should be, I think. Good memories with good friends…

This one happened to include three rafts, gear hauling horses, a really long drive, some gnarly rapids, cliff jumping, a ton of pork products and an excursion to one of the most amazing swimming holes I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the ladies outnumbered the men on this one.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.