Are the woods getting more dangerous for our wildlife cops? A routine license check almost turns deadly for wildlife conservation officers in the state of Washington.

From this story in the Seattle Times:
_An armed confrontation between a teenager reportedly fishing without a license, his father, and two Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers underscores how perilous the job has become for those who protect the state’s natural resources, officials say.

__Leaders of Fish and Wildlife’s enforcement division said the July 17 incident at the popular Crab Creek area in Grant County could have led to injuries to one or both officers, or worse. A handgun was reportedly pointed at one officer’s head before he persuaded the suspect not to shoot him, and a second officer later exchanged shots with the 18-year-old suspect during a chase near Ephrata before the teen was arrested.

It marked the first time in “10 to 15 years” that a state wildlife officer fired his weapon at someone, said Lt. Steve Crown, who leads training for an enforcement division that includes 105 commissioned officers._