Growing up on the Great Lakes, I developed a deep appreciation of “multi-disciplinary” tackle shops: The barber shop/tackle shop… The garage/mechanic/tackle shop… and of course, my favorite, the beer store/tackle shop.

As such, there’s just something about this image of fresh coho fillets chilling in the beer cooler that makes my eyes well up, and my voice wobble. It’s a cultural thing.

Capture that essence in a photo caption, and you will be richly rewarded. The prize is a pair of Ross Pescador 6 fishing pliers, valued at $150. This prize is available courtesy of Fly Talker MLH, who recently won the “Fish Quixote” writing contest. Because he has won so often for his various eloquent insights on Fly Talk and other blogs at, he graciously re-gifted the pliers for this caption contest. Thanks MLH… oh there I go, getting all teary- eyed again…

Good luck!