Bear Grylls already made our news blog once this week for a camera-related injury. We’re not Bear-crazy here or anything, but I just found a video clip from the new season of “Man Vs. Wild” I had to share.

It seems old Bear is trapped in a tropical location and hungry for shark steaks. So he decides to use urine–his favorite and most useful bodily fluid–to attract a seven-footer to the shallows where he plans to…get this…grab it by the tail and fling it onto the beach. I find humor in this on many levels, but on a personal one, I have a buddy who always announces that he’s “spicing up the trolling spread” when relieving himself offshore. Maybe there’s something to that after all. Click here or on the photo to check out the video. Have a good weekend, and if you’re beach-bound, don’t pee in the water. – JC