Remember Tom Healy’s 41.7-pound brown trout caught in Michigan last September? It held the world-record title for a full 10 months before getting beaten by an ounce this July. Anyway, the original trophy now hangs on Healy’s wall, but you better believe some replicas are getting pumped out. I found this news video about painting the record on the “Fishing for History” blog. I’ve always been fascinated by fish taxidermists. In my humble opinion, there is nothing harder to do than make a fish look alive with an airbrush. I also don’t believe there are middle-of-the-road painters. The fish either looks real or it doesn’t. I know animal mounts are far from easy, but I’d argue that good fish painting is the ultimate artistic taxidermy skill. Anyone can learn to make a fish skin mount (with practice) or buy a blank fish replica…it’s the paint job that counts. What say you? – JC