You’ve got three shiny new Mercedes, a couple bass boats, two lake homes and a private chopper. But naturally you get bored with these things. Hey, we’ve all been there, right? If you’ve got another six figures burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps you should consider a custom aquarium. After all, fish are apparently the new status symbol.


According to this article on, the well-to-do of New York City are letting art collections fall to the wayside and taking to installing custom monster tanks in their multi-million dollar apartments, complete with lighting concepts you can change with your mood. There are even fish bred with no color that take on the hue of said lights. If I had this much coin, you can bet I wouldn’t be stocking my tank with no dang “Light Bright” fish.

A while back I described what I would do if I could afford to build my own private body of water and asked you to do the same. Now if I could have a six-figure aquarium, it would be set in the wall, about 30 feet long, but shallow. River rocks would line the bottom and down its length, gently swaying in the current, I’d have a half dozen cutthroat trout. Just for kicks, a remotely-operated apparatus would release crickets onto the surface, because nothing sounds better than enjoying some Hamburger Helper and Tater Tots while watching your private trout sip bugs in your dining room river.

Your turn. Given the choice, what would be swimming in the wall of your kitchen or living room while reading the morning paper or watching the game? – JC