Three loose ends to clear up…

First… on the musical selection on my iPod before [I made myself bait](/blogs/bass-fishing/2010/07/ deeter-sometimes-you-have-become-bait) in mile-deep shark water (in the middle of the night)… Pink Floyd.

The fish I admitted cannot be caught (at least not by me) on a fly rod… [vermillion rockfish](/blogs/ fishing/2010/07/deeter-any-fish-uncatchable-fly).

And the [best caption](http:// to the tear-jerking sight of fresh coho fillets chilling on kegs in a Wisconsin beer store-tackle shop…

“The joke’s on her next time she sends me to the doghouse…” from our friend chsntail. Hit me at, and I’ll hook you up with your Ross Pescador 6 pliers, courtesy of MLH.