Last week I posted a picture of my thumb chewed up from lipping largemouth all day. That sore, sandpaper-like digit is, to me, the ultimate sign of a good day bass fishing. But I figured you guys had some other ideas on what designates a great day on the water. There were lots of killer entries into my “It’s Been A Good Day Fishing When…” contest. Of course, there can only be one winner. Some of my favorites included:

_You know it’s been a good day noodling for catfish when you can still count to ten without using your toes._- Levi Banks

You know it’s been a good day of steelhead fishing when you go straight to the hospital to get your feet checked for frostbite! – rdorman

You know it’s been a good day muskie fishing if you actually had a bite. – PSU_Bassboss

You know you have had a good day pike fishing when your guide tips you. – Buckhunter (who also gave us this gem: You know you’ve had a good day snook fishing when your Lefty’s Deceiver is now a Righty.)

You know its been a good day of bass fishing when you had to put fish in the beer cooler – gman3186

You know it’s been a great day of sockeye fishing when you’ve got your limit and can still have breakfast at the McDonald’s in Soldotna. – YooperRyan

It was a tough decision as always but I have to give it fishallday, who wrote: You know it’s been a good day bass fishing when you would rather pee yourself than quit fishing for a little while to go use the bathroom.

I’m tossing you the win because I can 100% relate to that. My bladder has been on the verge of bursting many times, but when it’s on, it’s on. Fishallday, keep an eye out for an email from me and I’ll get you some lures. Thanks for playing everyone – JC