That’s my uncle in the photo below holding a fat largemouth he caught two weeks ago in a private pond at a vineyard/country club. No, the next photo in the series is not us getting arrested. Without going into detail as to how, he has managed to get permission to snipe bass from several area golf courses. Really…it’s a hassle-free experience. But for the three times a year we hit these private spots together, I drive by 50 that I would kill for permission to fish.


We all have those buddies (I think; maybe a Jersey thing) that love sneaking into places and fishing where they’re not supposed to. You know, make five casts, then hide for 20 minutes until the security guards make their rounds. Or catch what you can before a homeowner calls the cops. Me? I’m not into that, because legality aside, I want to relax when I fish, not play out some scene from “The Fugitive.” I’m also not limber enough to jump fences.

Many such places, at least where I’m from, center around power plants or are located on government property. There are reservoirs close by that legend says are loaded with trophies. But get caught there and you’re greeted with an assault rifle. On a lesser scale, there is a lake I know ringed with houses. I never see anyone fishing it, and though I’ve studied maps, there is no public access. Maybe one day I’ll start knocking on doors, though I doubt I’ll get a free pass from anyone.

If you could have one day on an off-limit body of water, where would you choose? – JC