Well, he didn’t die and he’s really, really upset with you. In fact, he was just biding his time, packing on pounds and waiting for you to wade into the local lake near the sewage plant. His goal was to make you wade out with a few less toes or maybe minus a foot. But lucky for you, he’s been caught, so breathe easy.


Actually, this is the real story…

What we have here is the largest orange koi carp–very close kin to the fish in the little bowls at the fairgrounds–ever caught. The beast weighs 30 pounds, and fell to the world’s largest fish food flake rigged on a 16/0 circle hook. Kidding about the bait, but it did give angler Raphael Biagini one heck of a tussle in a lake over in France. Here’s the full story from the UK Daily M_ai_l.

According to the story, other anglers had spent six years trying to hook this fish. It was somewhat of a legend. Fortunately, they’ll have a chance as it was released. Now if you saw this thing swimming in your local lake, would you want to catch it for kicks? Or do you let it swim by? – JC