Who says reading fishing blogs is wasted time? Sometimes, doing so can land you on the river to do some serious “research” with the editor. Take, for example, Andrew Metzger and his buddy Mark Damon. Andrew is a long-time Fly Talk reader and commenter. I’ll leave it up to him whether he wants to reveal his online identity or not.


It was my pleasure to fish with those guys the other day… I like to check in on the Fly Talk crowd now and then, and see who is bringing game to the conversation. Bottom line: Mr. Metzger can flat-out fly fish (so can Mark). Andrew taught me a good lesson worth sharing… rather than using a yarn or bobber strike indicator, he connects his fly line to a leader with a strand of red amnesia line. This serves two purposes: First, the stiff amnesia line helps him turn the line over easier when roll casting or punching casts into the wind; second, it serves as a de-facto indicator, without a gaudy profile. It also slices through the current with less drag on the line. Watch the red line wobble or stall, set the hook, and quite often you’ll find yourself on a fish.

The results in the photo of Metzger above speak for themselves.

So thanks for the lesson Andrew. Thanks for being part of the Fly Talk blog. And thanks to you and Mark for sharing some good times on the water. We’ll do it again sometime soon, for sure.