One other thing I learned about our friend Andrew Metzger (Koldkut) when we went fishing the other day, is that he is quite the artisan rod builder. That’s something I must admit I know very little about. But I would like to build my own rod one day. I can only imagine how great it would feel to hook a big trout on a fly I tied, cast from a rod I built.


Another benefit of building a rod is that you get to give it a name. Davy Crockett named his bear rifle “Old Betsy.” The Roy Hobbs character in “The Natural” had his famous “Wonderboy” bat. And Andrew has this rod dubbed “NeverSkunkt.” I think that’s a pretty fine name for a fly rod.

Who has the ultimate name for their weapon of choice fly rod? Tell you what… best fly rod name wins a copy of “The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing.”