Spilling coffee is one of the few things at which I am truly expert. This accounts for the splotches around my desk, in my truck, and on my clothes. I also probably own at least one of every travel mug known to man and have spilled coffee out of all of them. I was delighted, then, to find that [Cabela’s](–Cabelas-Wide-Bottom-Mug–752043.uts.shtml//–Cabelas-Wide-Bottom-Mug–752043.uts.shtml//) is now offering what I think is the best, most spill-proof (usually) mug of all.

I few years back I found a similar bell-bottom-style mug being sold as a Saab automotive accessory. It cost $60 because it was lettered “SAAB” on the side. Ridiculous, in other words. But I bought one anyway, and gave it to my wife, She’s been in love with the thing ever since. Not because she drives a Saab (which she does), but because it rides on her dashboard without toppling over.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much cash for another one. So I’ve been searching for years for another mug of the same design but for less money. Then lo and behold, there it was in a recent Cabela’s catalog for $19.99. Eureka! So I got one, which works great. I am also soon to buy a couple of more, too, just to have them so that when–as with all things I like–the product gets discontinued.

It rides steadily on my truck console as well as on the center console of my boat. Yes, I could use the built-in cupholders and a more traditional travel mug, but they’re usually so full of other junk that a cup wouldn’t fit anyway.

This bell-bottom mug does need one improvement that’s easy to make. Find some of that rubberized-mesh drawer-liner material at your local hardware store. Cut a circle of it to match the mug bottom and glue it in place. The sticky rubber mesh will keep your mug from sliding even in hard turns on the road or the water.

So can I still spill coffee from this thing? Sure. More than once I have just plain knocked mine over by being careless and stupid and not paying attention. But it’s still a big improvement….