Drink beer? Catch trout? Then today is your lucky day. If your loved ones are hounding you for Christmas present ideas, or you’re just not sure what to do with that mountain of beer bottle caps you’ve been collecting since college, artist Dave Walker is your man.


Walker is the mastermind behind RainBrew Trout, which are hand-crafted trout replicas made from smashed beer bottle caps like the one above. You can have Walker build you a standard trout from caps he has on hand, or you can send him length/width measurements along with caps from local beers if you want to see your favorite micro-brew blazoned on a trout. Walker makes trout ranging from to 15 to 25 inches in length, and they start at $50. Not bad, in my opinion, considering no two RainBrew trout are exactly the same, and each is hand-made.

Right now, Walker is just producing trout, though I can think of a few other species I’d love to have covered in caps from certain brewers. As examples, a tarpon made of Costa Rican Imperial caps, or a striper made of Boston-based Harpoon caps would be wicked. What species and brew would you go for? – JC