Thrill-seeking divers have been known to latch onto the fins of whale sharks and get taken for a ride. But why ride the bus when you can catch a ride in a piscatorial supercar, even if it’s by accident?

From this story in the Manila Bulletin:
A scuba diver was accidentally pulled down around 300 feet below the sea surface by a giant tuna fish while conducting pleasure diving activity in the waters off Kiamba in Saranggani, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported on Monday. Lt. Commander Armando Balilo, PCG Public Information Officer, said scuba diver Ramir Te, who was on a diving expedition, was 80 feet below the surface when he was pulled down by a giant tuna fish at the waters off Kiamba afternoon of Sunday. The victim was immediately rescued by members of the Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG) rescue divers but due to the critical condition of Te, they sought the assistance of a Philippine Air Force (PAF) helicopter in Cagayan de Oro City to conduct a medical evacuation and brought the victim in a hyperbaric recompression chamber inside the PCG search and rescue vessel