Now this is what I call dedication. Or maybe desperation to win.

From this story on Fox News:
_A 23-year-old man won a regional fishing contest in which he fished for 10 hours with a fish hook stuck inside his head, United Press International reported. Robert Matsuura said his teammate Peter Lee’s treble hook lure, which was comprised of three hooks connected to three smaller hooks, struck him in the head. “I yelled at (Lee) to cut the line,” Matsuura said. “Then I jumped in the driver’s seat, and drove straight to the ramp. I figured I’d go to urgent care and get it out and maybe come back later to fish. But there was a guy there saying, ‘Hey, why don’t we cut off the lure and the one treble hook that’s not inside your head.’ The other two hooks were just in too deep.”

__Matsuura took two Tylenol for the pain, and the Sacramento State students won $50,000 for their school. “A family friend is a dentist,” Matsuura said. “He numbed it and pried it out.”_

OK, all you macho men, can any of you beat Robert Matsuura’s example? Let’s hear your feats of manly strength…