Fly Fishing photo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with friend and professional photographer Louis Cahill. He’s shot all over the world, and almost any subject you can think of–from fly fishing ad campaigns to famous people like president Carter and Ice Cube. Needless to say the dude knows what he’s talking about.

We were joined by guide Kent Klewein. Owner of Reel Job Fishing. He’s THE guy for fly fishing in Northern Georgia and parts of southern North Carolina as well. His guide service can put you on anything from native brookies to smallies with rafts or full-on bass boats.

We fished the absolutely spectacular Nantahala River Gorge in North Carolina and had a great day catching multiple species of trout. When I asked these two if they’d provide our readers with a couple tips [on photographing fish](/photos/gallery/fishing/bass-fishing/where-fis h-bass/2009/06/beginners-guide-better-fishing-photograp), they readily obliged.

Enjoy the video.