I’m not gonna lie, I’m a small stream junkie. So when I got an email from my friend and expert Rocky Mountain National Park guide Jonathan Wright the other day I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement.

Apparently the gents up in the Park have been fooling around with insanely small fly rods.

Jonathan says, “I got bored the other day and started messing around with some 27″ ice fishing rods and few broken sections we had here at the shop, putting together a 3′ 3″ fly rod from an end section of a four-piece, 9′ #5. These things rock! Both me and the other guides have immediately recognized the utility of this for the tightest water we have up here, and are now fishing these everyday. This has the potential to open up tons of previously un-fishable water, side creeks with big fish that have run into them. Not to mention as kid rods.”

I know rod manufactures like Elkhorn Rods are making Micro creeking rods like a 4’0″ two piece, three weight, but this is taking it to the next level.

What say you? Are these guys nuts or really onto something?