Here’s an interesting question for a Monday morning discussion: should you be banned from a fishing tournament–not for cheating–but for apparently being too good? That’s what happened to one Florida angler.

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Can a fisherman be banned from a fishing tournament after winning it two years in a row? The Hunt for Reds in October tournament has been around for 12 years. More than 350 people took part in the event Sunday, catching red fish on the river. Following the event, they bring their catches back to the Titusville Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge car dealership. The fisherman that catch the fish with the most spots wins a boat. There are other prizes like fishing rods, clothing and money. _

_For the past two years Casey Uyttewal has won, going home with two boats. Now, organizers said Uyttewal can no longer participate. “It’s his tournament and he can do whatever he wants and I need to respect that but I feel that we have been wrongly discriminated against, ” Uyttewal said. “There was some rumblings about whether or not his wins were on the up and up. I have no evidence there was any wrong-doing in the event and as far as I’m concerned he’s a good, solid guy. It’s just the perception and public perception is critical, particularly in today’s economy when people are particular about where they spend their money and they want it to go to a cause and legal and straight up and that’s what we are trying to run here,” said organizer Phil Rizzo.

Organizers said for the past 12 years they’ve never caught any of the participates lying or cheating during the contest. “The winners are subject to a lie detector test and it’s something I passed two years in a row. I didn’t want a gray cloud hanging over my head. This is something I am proud of and shouldn’t be punished for,” Uyttewal said. Uyttewal claims he is being punished for luck and winning twice. Organizers say the rules are now changed — two-time winners cannot participate. Uyttewal said his family was also told they were not welcome to participate after the incident was made public. The main organizer said he is allowed to make any kinds of rules he wants for the tournament._

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