We received [a pile of good captions](/blogs/ fishing/2010/11/write-caption-win-some-fly-line ) regarding this shot of me kissing my buddy Trent Kososki in a bear costume as we were fishing the Karluk River on Kodiak Island.


Of course, there are the Tim Treadwell analogies. I’ve learned that in Alaska, there’s an unofficial/alternative name for “Grizzly Man,” Werner Herzog’s documentary on Treadwell’s love affair with (and ultimate demise at the paws of) the big bears… certain locals call that film “Natural Selection.”

PyrosMT, how can one argue against the mother-in-law analogy? (Holy crap, my mother-in-law is in town!) Well done, my friend.

But I have to give the prize to…


Who, right out of the gate, hit us with: “Why I no longer drink Patron.” (Which was backed up by a very solid, “How guides feel when bears eat clients that don’t tip.”)

Now, for those of you who don’t know… buckhunter is a long-time Fly Talker, who favors a certain scarlet and gray-clad collegiate institution… the mere mention of which only inflames my acid reflux symptoms, especially after a particularly embarrassing weekend. But let it be known that, even in the darkest hours, certain Wolverines are willing to stand on the moral high ground and reward great substance and ingenuity, no matter the source.

Buck… please refresh me with your address at… and I’ll send your line this week. Actually, while I promised an 8-weight Rio line, I also have an equally great WF5F trout line from Rio, and I’ll gladly let you pick one or the other. Send me a video of you singing “The Victors,” and I’ll send you both.