Ya’ll have outdone yourselves this time. A couple hundred captions weren’t easy to plow through, but it was worth every second. The winner of the $75 Mountain Khaki gift certificate is…


Teodoro, who wrote:

Gary, ever the cutting-edge foodie, was looking for something more avant-garde than chocolate-covered crickets.”

Congratulations, Teodoro. Email me at and I’ll have the folks at Mountain Khaki’s send out your gift card. I’ve included some of my other favorites below just for grins.

vchris_hunt wrote, “And next, I like to breathe on it to give it a hint of garlic flavor.”

stick500 wrote, “Very few film buffs are aware of a deleted scene from Deliverance that shows Burt Reynolds capturing the third hillbilly on hook and line.”

ejunk wrote “The strange part wasn’t that Jim agreed to eat that size 2 mouse fly, it’s that he seemed to genuinely believe that we could possibly come up with the 50 dollars cash we promised him!”

Jeepdude1987 wrote, “It was after mentioning that the new flies were,good enough to eat, I realized that the new guy wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box.”

fliphuntr14 wrote, “Noshavember is paying off big time – look at this a fly tied entirely of beard hair.”

buckhunter wrote “If I glue just one more deerhair mouse to my face the beard will be complete.”

tdawg wrote, “Just a little pinch between the cheek and gum”

Baldtazz wrote, “This one time at Band Camp……”

fFlyBorchetti wrote, “…You want the Hackle!?!?! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE HACKLE!!!!!!…”

Bob wrote, “…I shall call you…Mini-Me…”

clutzylou wrote, “BUT-DUDE—I LOVED MY UNIBROW!!!!”